Talkin’ ScreenPlay: An Update From The ScreenPlayers Guild Community

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It’s been a couple of weeks since anything for the ScreenPlay playtest has graced this page and it’s not because everything’s gone quiet. Far from the truth, the finishing touches are going into Version 1.4 of The Rehearsal Edition with hopes to release it by early next week to everyone who downloaded this free PDF from DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

600+ downloads later and we’ve collected a fantastic group of avid playtesters are not only giving this game a run for their money, they’re creating new stories, settings, and genres to play. Playtest surveys are still rolling in with two additional unlocked treatments putting it at over 100 pages. The shining crown of this playtesting is the activity going on in the ScreenPlayers Guild, our online G+ community. Here’s a sample of the most recent discussions and events.

  • Ironbound Play-By-Post: Already into its fourth scene, this rendition of ScreenPlay’s dark fantasy tale of witch hunters features Derya (the scout), Gareth (the blade), Drachen (the archanist), Philip (the shield bearer) and Lyonesse (their new commander). If you’re looking for an idea on what makes this game tick, be sure to check out the Ironbound PbP thread.
  • Necronomicon Stories: Based on an idea created by one of our playtesters, we’re experimenting with a Lovecraftian tale of monstrous terror… in the future! The ball has only begun to bounce on this upcoming story and with only two Writers currently signed up, there could be room for a couple more.
  • EscapeFromTheX_logo_CMYK_preview2Escape From The X: The third treatment recently unlocked from playtest surveys, this sci/fi-horror story takes place in Mystical Throne Entertainment’s Mercenary Breed. The short and sweet of it: mercenaries hired to deliver an alien prisoner to a secret installation find themselves desperately outnumbered when someone mysterious releases every inmate to wreck havoc and spill as much blood as possible. Look for it in Version 1.4 next week!
  • Optional Rules For Building Potentials: With many core mechanics locked down, some optional rules are being considered. Such as building your dice roll’s value based on the number of details you apply in a scene.
  • Kickstarting It Up A Notch: Finally, we’re also looking at Kickstarter to help elevate the finished version of this project. With playtest surveys averaging a score of 4.6 out of 5 and ideas bouncing around for a small product line built using ScreenPlay, all options are on the table right now.

This and more is taking place at the ScreenPlayers Guild. Join us and see what all the fuss is about before the cool kids see what we’re doing and want to make it a crowd.


50% Off Holiday Sale Extended


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And be sure to download your free copy of ScreenPlay: The Rehearsal Edition as a stocking stuffer to yourself.

Black Friday 50% Sale For Assassins This Holiday

KillshotDirCut_mock_v1‘Tis that time of year when thoughts turn to spending time with family and friends gathered around the table sharing drinks and laughs as flakes of snow trickle from the sky to herald the beginning of winter. What other time would be perfect to think about saving some of your hard earned cash on the world deadliest roleplaying game? And if that doesn’t sound appropriate, then you clearly haven’t spent time with family and friends gathered around the table sharing drinks and laughs as flakes of snow trickle from the sky to herald the beginning of winter.

Along with some other fine products available at DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and their various affiliates, all you need to know is Killshot is 50% off this weekend from Thanksgiving Thursday to Cyber Monday. Because assassins love a good deal and so do you.

Stepping It Up To Version 1.3

ScreenPlay_Rehearsal_GoogleForms_banner_v1p3With almost 20 pages of new and updated rules, options, and a brand new treatment, Version 1.3 of ScreenPlay: The Rehearsal Edition is now available for download on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. If you’ve already clicked on this free (that’s right, FREE!) playtest edition of the upcoming storytelling RPG, check your message to see what our awesome playtesters have helped up improve and expand upon. And if you’ve never heard of this ScreenPlay thing, you’ll want to click on this fancy blue text to read all about the game reviews and playtest surveys have awarded an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

You say you want bullet points of all the new goodies available in ScreenPlay? Well, why didn’t you say so?

  • New rules for adding motivations and hindrances to your characters. Adding motivations not only provides roleplaying incentives for your lead and supporting characters but also provides opportunity to earn more milestones (think of them as XP points) and hindrances are personality flaws and obstacles your characters must overcome during the course of the story… plus they’re opportunities the Director can use against your characters to make a scene more challenging.
  • Creating advantages for your allies with step bonuses, maintain a description’s effects over multiple turns, and prepare/concentrate on a description to gain step bonuses.
  • Refined rules and explanations on conflict rolls and complications making them easier than ever to understand and apply.
  • Expanded and clarified rules for resources
  • A revised 2-page character sheet with room for additional in-game tables, notes for character roles, initiatives, even your own sketch of the character.
  • New rules and guidelines for using super powers, perfect for the freshly unlocked treatment called Nightfall, a superhero tale exploring the concept of multiple people taking on the role of a single masked vigilante.


The work is not done yet and the door is always open for more playtesters to join in the quest to make ScreenPlay better every day. Earn playtest points for free copies of the game, maybe even a print copy of the upcoming Director’s Cut of the game. Join the ScreenPlayer’s Guild community and enter in-depth conversations on various aspects of the mechanics or join in a play-by-post game. Help us make the game you want to play and create the stories you’ve always wanted to tell.

ScreenPlay Playtest Report (Week 2)

ScreenPlay_Rehearsal_GoogleForms_banner_v1p3Work on ScreenPlay: The Rehearsal Edition (and therefore it’s final version due out for next year) has picked up the pace. While the number of playtesters has only increased by a small amount, the amount of feedback has jumped exponentially. This means work on Version 1.3 will see a large increase in page counts as we work on not only touching up some of the existing mechanics (particularly with complications, a component always considered the trickiest piece of the puzzle) but adding on new ones. Let’s break it down with the bullet points.

  • Starting off with the best news of the past week, the playtesters have unlocked the next ScreenPlay treatment. Nightfall is a modern day superhero/masked vigilante story with a twist on the standard genre: what if there was more than one person behind the mask? And what if someone learned this secret and started trying to eliminate them one-by-one? For a special preview of this second playtest adventure, check out the brand new Nightfall page and watch for it in Version 1.3.
  • Speaking of unlockables, we’re now past 20 total playtest points handed out with one playtester already rocking 8 of those for himself. Our new unlocked treatment will be Escape From The X, a sci-fi/horror story set in the Mercenary Breed setting by our publisher, Mystical Throne Entertainment. You can learn more about it on our Playtest Points page.
  • This past week, the very first game not played by anyone directly affiliated with Broken Ruler Games. A group of Writers and a Director took on the challenge of joining the Ironbound and the results were incredibly positive. Plus we’ve already received a Writer’s and Director’s Survey from this group with an average score of 5 out of 5.
  • If you’re read through The Rehearsal Edition but haven’t joined the G+ community, you’re missing out on some vital discussions. One of them involved bringing up old ideas and breathing new life into a concept of character flaws, be they moral, social, or what have you. Thanks to this discussion, Version 1.3 will include a new section on motivations and hindrances, including mechanics on how they can bring you milestones to help move the story and your characters forward.
  • Characters will be able to create advantages, special bonuses you can introduce in a scene by sacrificing Stamina to activate and applying details to maintain.
  • Minor revisions have been made to resources, such as how many can be applied at a time and for which reasons.

This weekend will be dedicated to finalizing the updates to Version 1.3 of the Rehearsal Edition. Expect to see it updated to your RPGNow/DriveThruRPG account by the middle of next week.

Crime Is Inevitable, But Reading Is Fundamental

Aww, really wish I came up with that title when this Bundle launched.

Regardless of catchy headlines or not, myself and everyone else behind Killshot (including Mystical Throne Entertainment’s Aaron T. Huss) wanted to thank everyone who picked up the Deadly Games set from Bundle of Holding over the last two weeks and helped raise $686.79 for the Reading Is Fundamental charity. Aside from being for a great cause (um, hello, reading!), it was also a true indie publishing bundle all directed at a sorely neglected genre of gaming: crime noir.

Now unleash your bad side and start a crime wave at your next game! And keep up the good deeds (on the side).


The Warden
Broken Ruler Games Boss
(And thus ends the parade of crime puns… for now.)