By The General’s Hand

What hopes & fears do generals send home?

246216.jpgWhat worries the general sitting at his desk in the midnight hours before his head rests for the night? What stresses do they send home to loved ones long since seen? What truths lie behind the bloodshed?

By The General’s Hand is a 2-player, letter-writing combat game in which the course of an ever-changing war plays out in the form of correspondence between two generals and their loved ones back home. With each letter, the generals dictate the course of the war and embed dice results detailing random changes of tide until one of the generals concedes defeat.

To play this game, both players take on the role of a fictional general. They require writing implements of their choosing, two different coloured inks, up to three six-sided dice each, and a means to deliver their letter by traditional mail. While there is no reason why both players couldn’t use modern technology to play this game, there is a tactile element only possible with paper and pen.

Listen to a 30-minute AP combining By General’s Hand with Encoded Design’s Hydro Hackers on the She’s A Super Geek podcast.

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Designer: Todd Crapper
System: Unique
Number of Players: 2
Page Count: 9
Features: Complete rules for play

Available in PDF:

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