Ironbound: Guardians of Novala

A dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game of witches vs machines

The peaceful witches of Novala lived in harmony with Nature before the Apothecary arrived with their machines. They tore up the soil and sickened the land. The Novallans saw no choice but to fight back to save their world. Now, it’s magic versus machines and conservation versus consumption. It is time for the Ironbound to rise from the shadows and bring their fight to the enemy as the Guardians of Novala. 

Form a coven of Novallan witches known as the Ironbound and take the fight directly to the Apothecary at great physical, emotional and spiritual risk. Use your witchy knowledge of herbs, gems, and energy to heal your world and bring back peace to Novala. 

Sigils in the eastern forests of Novala visible only to those who have stood at a nexus point… and survived.

What Is Ironbound: Guardians of Novala? 

Ironbound: Guardians of Novala (or IGON) is a tabletop roleplaying game of witches battling giant machines. It presents a rich and complex setting where the peaceful witches of Novala are pitted against an invasive group known as the Apothecary who seek to exploit the land’s magic-rich environment for their personal gain. It presents a fantasy world where Wiccan/Pagan beliefs and practicing witchcraft are the dominant culture rather than the standard Christian societies so prevalent in modern tabletop gaming. It creates exciting adventures of elemental spells hurled against destructive technology, while leaving room for players to explore the complexities and moral concerns of war.

Created by Danielle DeLisle and Todd Crapper, IGON creates a fantasy world of pure magic, environmental dangers, and pagan warriors fighting giant machines. Additional sources of inspiration include the Zelda video game series, Miyazaki films, Pirates of Dark Water, The Never-Ending Story, and more.

We have ambitious plans for this world and what you see here is only the beginning. Below, you’ll learn how you can discover Novala and your role as guardians as the next coven of Ironbound.

The Apothecary brought with them massive machines capable of moving earth, blocking rivers, even flight.

We’re currently in the midst of developing a two-phase approach to IGON: the Prequel Phase and the Harvest Phase.

IGON’s Prequel Phase uses the core Pip System mechanics and is published through the Pip Worlds community content program on DriveThruRPG.

The Prequel Phase details the early days of Novala’s struggles as the players create their own Ironbound coven and discover the Apothecary’s true potential. Using the Pip Worlds community content program created by Third Eye Games. You can check out the selection for the Prequel Phase on 

A promotional banner for Ironbound: Guardians of Novala’s Prequel Phase.
The second phase for IGON is the Harvest Phase and will involve a new approach to the Pip System, two core books, and plans for much, much more.

The full version for the Harvest Phase will use our own version of the Pip System released as a two-volume corebook set. As we continue to develop this phase, we are launching a Patreon campaign on Hallowe’en night (the start of the Pagan New Year) to help us create original art pieces for our planned Kickstarter. Patrons will gain early access and exclusive content to the IGON core rules and in-depth setting material not found in the Prequel Phase.

If you like what you see and want to become a patron of our Harvest Phase, go to to learn how you can get advanced previews.

Casting the Circle

Enter the world of Novala, a tranquil paradise home placed under siege by the greed of the Apothecary. Casting the Circle is a free PDF introduction to IGON written by Danielle DeLisle (Part-Time Gods Second Edition, 7th Sea Second Edition). This system neutral preview reveals what makes this fantasy world of pagan warriors vs machine unique and why the Ironbound must rise to save their people and their land.

Note: All adventures in The Book of Three trilogy will include this introduction.

Writer: Danielle DeLisle
System: None
Page Count: 18
Features: Includes 2 PDF versions, one with vision layers for colour and printing options and one without.

Available in PDF at


So Mote It Be (Pip Worlds Adventure)

In the peaceful community of B­ristlewood, the characters meet the last member of an Ironbound coven that has been captured by a pair of Apothecary hunters. The hunters are seeking the Elder Tree, a sacred nexus point. As the characters intervene and aid the surviving Ironbound, they are brought into a hidden war between the Ironbound and the Apothecary…a war that may become their future

So Mote It Be is an introductory adventure for the upcoming Ironbound: Guardians of Novala setting (or IGON, for short) from Broken Ruler Games and the first chapter of The Book of Three adventure trilogy for the Pip Worlds community content program. This adventure introduces players to the magical world of Novala and the forming of a coven of Ironbound, guardians sworn to protect the land. It’s written for players new to the setting, allowing a group to discover Novala, form magical bonds, and begin a journey that sets the tone for the battle ahead. The purpose of this adventure is to engage and entertain the players while demonstrating what lies ahead for their heroes.

Written by Danielle DeLisle (The Ninja Crusade Second EditionDishonored) and Crystal Mazur (Pip System CorebookChicago By Night), everything you need to form your own Ironbound coven is here. This adventure uses the Pip System, and requires the Pip System Corebook. Included are five pre-generated Novallan characters, new guidelines for using magic in Novala, extras, rules for using Apothecary gear, and a PDF copy of Casting the Circle, an introduction to the Ironbound and the world of Novala. 

Writers: Todd Crapper, Danielle DeLisle, Crystal Mazur
System: Pip System
Page Count: 26
Features: Includes 2 PDF versions, one with vision layers for colour and printing options and one without, form-fillable pre-generated character sheets, customized random features tables

Available in PDF at


CovenForged (Pip Worlds Supplement)

CovenForged presents five (5) Pip Worlds archetypes for players to create their own Ironbound characters in any fantasy setting. Perhaps these witches will battle the Apothecary or maybe their abilities are needed on other worlds. However you choose to use them, CovenForged provides five Ironbound archetypes and numerous Advanced Qualities designed for all characters. Includes a form-fillable character sheet. 

Writer: Todd Crapper
System: Pip System
Page Count: 21
Features: Includes 2 PDF versions, one with vision layers for colour and printing options and one without, form-fillable blank character sheets

Available in PDF at