Ironbound: Guardians of Novala

Pagan warriors battle giant machines in a fight to save their home.

The peaceful witches of Novala lived in harmony with nature before the Apothecary arrived. Its machines tore up the soil and sickened the land. The Novallans saw no choice but to fight back to save their world. Now, it’s nature versus machines and conservation versus consumption. The witches continue to fight for their way of life and cleanse the blight brought by the Apothecary, but they are running out of time. 

Form a coven of Novallan witches known as the Ironbound and take the fight directly to the Apothecary at great physical, emotional and spiritual risk. Use your witchy knowledge of herbs, gems, and energy to heal your world and bring back peace to Novala. 

Forests of Novala share borders with many communities of various sizes. These sigils are used to mark communal meeting places for Novallans to trade and break bread. Artwork by Maciej Zagorski. 

What Is Ironbound: Guardians of Novala? 

Ironbound: Guardians of Novala (or IGON) presents a fantasy world of pagan warriors vs machines where Wiccan/ Pagan beliefs and practicing witchcraft are the dominant culture. Designed with the Pip System created by Eloy Lasanta and published by Third Eye Games, the battle to save Novala has just begun.

Created by Danielle DeLisle and Todd Crapper, IGON creates a fantasy world of pure magic, environmental dangers, and pagan warriors fighting giant machines. Additional sources of inspiration include the Zelda video game series, Miyazaki films, Pirates of Dark Water, The Never-Ending Story, and more.

We have ambitious plans for this world and what you see here is only the beginning. Below, you’ll learn how you can discover Novala and your role as guardians as the next coven of Ironbound.

The advanced technology of the Apothecary allows them to drill through stone, block rivers, even dive into the depths of a volcano. Artwork by Maciej Zagorski. 

Casting the Circle

Enter the world of Novala, a tranquil paradise home placed under siege by the greed of the Apothecary. Casting the Circle is a free PDF introduction to IGON written by Danielle DeLisle (Part-Time Gods Second Edition, 7th Sea Second Edition). This system neutral preview reveals what makes this fantasy world of pagan warriors vs machine unique and why the Ironbound must rise to save their people and their land.

Note: The Book of Oracles and The Book of Three will include this introduction.

Writer: Danielle DeLisle
System: None
Page Count: 18
Features: Includes 2 PDF versions, one with vision layers for colour and printing options and one without.

Available in PDF at


The Book of Oracles (Preview Adventure)

The Book of Oracles, a preview adventure for IGON, is available for free to members of Third Eye Games’ Oralces GM Support Program. Visit to learn more.

The Book of Oracles introduces you to the world of Novala and their struggle with the Apothecary. Built using the Pip System, this book provides Game Guides with everything they need to discover the world of Novala and their war with the machines with an introduction written by IGON co-creator and lead setting developer, Danielle DeLisle, along with a complete one-shot adventure written by Crystal Mazur (Pip System Primer) and Todd Crapper. Plus it includes 5 pre-generated characters, new random personalization tables, and features vision layers to create maximum accessibility and print-at-home options.

This adventure is currently available exclusively to the Oracles GM Support Program from Third Eye Games. Go to to learn about how you can join for free and get access to The Book of Oracles.

The Book of Three (Pip Worlds Encounters – Coming Soon)

The Book of Three provides three encounters pitting the Ironbound against the machinations of a hidden mining outpost as they learn to work together and connect as a coven. Created for the upcoming Pip Worlds community content program, this preview adventure works as a stand-alone one-shot adventure or as a sequel to The Book of Oracles.