Creating Assassins With PCGen

5542b0ee36c405df188b127d02b657beYour assassin is more than just a character in a roleplaying; she’s the ultimate tool for getting the job done. And you can’t afford to risk a little slip up here or there that could cost you the job or your freedom. Luckily, we found a few hackers who stepped up to the plate and helped us take Killshot to the next level.

The team at PCGen – another ENnie Award winner (a bronze in 2003 for Best Resource/Fan Site and the gold in 2005 for Best Electronic Product) – has put together a Killshot/Optional System variation of their character generation app. The very same PCGen you’ve been using for your d20 and Pathfinder games over the past decade can now help you build the perfect assassin and maintain her over the course of an entire career. We’re also very proud to be the first non-d20 system supported by PCGen. Best of all, it’s free. So you literally have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Learn more about PCGen from their website. Better yet, you can download the latest version of PCGen and start your Killshot assassin’s career from here.

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