Talkin’ About the One Land

As we continue to build up to the release of both the Rehearsal Edition public playtest and the Kickstarter for High Plains Samurai in May 2017, the marketing wheels are spinning faster than the tires of a motorcycle as it whips through the streets of Yung Zhi. For your convenience, we’ve collected every podcast interview, website or blog post, and AP recordings as they are released. These are your best opportunities to discover what this game is about (other than playing it). Enjoy!

Openly Gamer Theatre Presents: The Golden Box


Date: March 2, 2017
Radio Drama/Actual Play Recording

Openly Gamer Theatre has created something truly incredible that’s a great way to learn what it’s like to play High Plains SamuraiThe Golden Box is a combination radio drama/actual play recording for a previous version of HPS (something like Version 0.8 where players would roll against their own Difficulty, which has now been changed to rolling against the target’s Defence). If you’re on the fence about this game or want to hear their version of this Tarantino-esque gathering of bounty hunters all trying to acquire the same artefact in Hunan, click here and let the story begin.


Vendetta Black – Shannon Steele

Kaze Sora – Brandon Irwin

Mr. Runcitter – Aaron Woodside

Narrator – Eric Ausley

Guard – Mario Garcia

Brad – Todd Crapper

Old Lady – Jennifer Ausley

Kiki – Marielena Alcaraz

Khilmore – Chris Hussey

Marco Portune – Michael Waldschlager II

Belidia Runcitter – Katarina Ausley


Benjamin Tissot ( )

Machinimasound ( )

Edited by Eric Ausley & Dan Helderman

Written and Directed by Eric Ausley

Dr. Tom the Frog Show

Date: December 29, 2016
YouTube Interview

The first interview in preparation for the release of High Plains Samurai: The Rehearsal Edition, its creator, Todd Crapper, speaks with Dr. Tom about ScreenPlay and how it involved into HPS.

Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast


Date: January 18, 2017
Podcast Interview with Jason Pitre (Genesis of Legend Publishing)
Click here to download

This two-way interview features fellow co-hosts on the Ottawa Game Publishers podcast talking about each other’s upcoming games: Jason talks about Sig: The Manual of the Primes and Todd with HPS. (Jason’s game is currently running its Kickstarter to fund a complete offset print run – check it out!)


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