In Recognition of Canada’s National Day of Truth and Reconciliation…

From September 30 to October 2, 2022, we are offering digital versions of Pandora: Total Destruction for free. Why? Because Pandora Academies were heavily influenced by the actual horrors that occurred in residential schools in Canada and other countries around the world. September 30th is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada, our home country. For this reason, we are making it an annual tradition to provide this title for free at this time each year.

Visit the Pandora: Total Destruction page here to learn more about the game and find links to DriveThruRPG,, and the Composed Dream Games website. If you wish to learn more about the history of residential schools in Canada, you can begin at

The logo for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada over top a misty mountain and a sprawling forest below.
To learn more about residential school in Canada, visit

Coming Soon to Kickstarter – Campaign Options: Mazes 2nd Edition

Have you ever tried to run a maze in your D&D game? Was it really a maze or was it a dungeon that called itself a maze? On their own, mazes can seem intimidating to run, or even boring. You’re either describing a never-ending series of corridors and dead ends or the players are easily solving the maze because they can see the whole damn map. For many of us, running a maze has never truly worked out like we planned, so we stick with the same old style of dungeon crawling.

Campaign Options: Mazes 2nd Edition is an upcoming third-party sourcebook published by Broken Ruler Games using the 5th edition of the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game. Originally published in 2003 by Emerald Press for the 3rd Edition of the same game, this book updates the previous version with revised text to suit the current edition, new art, maps, and layout for a completely new aesthetic. It provides a game-altering option for dungeon crawling with new rules, monsters, spells, and character options designed to test any player’s appetite for exploration and danger.

It doesn’t matter if you already know how to build a maze or not, Campaign Options: Mazes 2nd Edition provides detailed guidelines, procedures, and suggestions for creating your own from scratch OR grabbing the first maze you find online and turning it into your next adventure site. And to top it all off, we’ve invited one of the industry’s best RPG cartographers, Dyson Logos (Dungeons & Dragons), to help us create a unique maze adventure, the Endless Path.

Launching September 13th, 2022 on Kickstarter.

How Residential Schools Changed Pandora

Note: This post contains references to the genocide and trauma caused by the systemic institutionalization and abuse of Indigenous people in Canada through the residential school system. Reader discretion is advised. To learn more about the trauma caused by Canadian residential schools, visit

Hi, everyone. Todd here. I know, I know, it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me on here. Not because I haven’t been doing anything. Quite the opposite, actually. As you’re going to see over the coming weeks, things have been quite busy with Broken Ruler and we’re about to show the fruits of our labour very soon. In fact, I’m actually here to write about one of them now.

Before we go any further, I want to let you know this post is in the odd position of trying not to be a marketing post announcing a new product launch on a website that sells it. That is not my intention. For that reason, there will be no links to any products on this website provided in this post. There are other places around here where you can click and access them. But I’m not doing it here.

Some of you may remember a crowdfunding campaign back in 2021 for a game called Pandora: Total Destruction. While it’s very typical to make a short post announcing its release, where you can buy it, and what people are saying about it… I want to discuss something else about this game before that happens. About how a personal discovery of some family history and a national tragedy helped to re-shape this game and make it better. I do this for two reasons.

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Adapt. Overcome. Survive. A New Kickstarter Rises on September 29th

The teaser trailer for the Survival of the Able Kickstarter campaign (launching September 29th)

The year is 1347 A.D. The Black Death runs rampant around the world and has now come to your village. Everywhere around you people are succumbing to the plague. Quarantines are doing little to stem the tide of decay that is coming your way. Worst of all, you and the others in your almshouse have been left to fend for yourselves. 

Oh, and did we mention plague victims are rising as zombies?

This is the premise behind Survival of the Able, Jacob Wood’s tabletop RPG about people with disabilities overcoming a zombie plague during the Middle Ages. In this game, you’re a disabled person living in a European almshouse when the Black Death comes to your town. Little is known about where the plague originated or how to stop it, but those who die from it are rising again—and they’re hungry for flesh. Since everyone else has succumbed to the plague, it’s up to a handful of you to make your way out of town and away to safety.

Broken Ruler Games is proud to partner with Accessible Games to help bring this game back from the dead and onto Kickstarter. Launching September 29th until November 1st (around 9pm EST), the Survival of the Able Kickstarter will help us create a tabletop RPG built from the ground up for greater accessibility. From its open-ended applications of disabilities to create realistic and capable characters to its multi-layered production approach to create a variety of options for people with various forms of print disabilities.

If you are a fan of Broken Ruler’s other titles, we highly encourage you to check out this campaign and help us help Jacob bring this important empathetic look at the struggles and triumphs of people with disabilities set against the backdrop of a zombie outbreak.

Discover and follow the Survival of the Able Kickstarter page at

Check out a special preview of the Kickstarter for a detailed look at Survival of the Able, from its design and accessibility goals to the options available to backers.