The Tower

Content Warning: While we cannot tell you what the game is about, it is our responsibility to let you know The Tower deals with mature subject matter involving deadly violence and its consequences both physical and emotional.  

The Tower is a mature tabletop roleplaying game about a terrifying moment that changes the lives of the people involved. 

It’s no longer for sale. 

And you won’t be able to play it until the creator is dead or the backers crack the code. 

Back in the summer of 2019, The Tower was funded on Kickstarter at more than 1,700% of its meagre goal with the backers – and only the backers – receiving a password-protected PDF of the finished product. This product will never be made available by Broken Ruler Games again. Ever. 

You can learn more by checking out The Tower on Kickstarter.

What If I Crack Your Password?

Go for it. Our goal is to release this game in a PDF format that’s password-protected and that password will be based on the content of the game. If someone figures it out before Todd’s gone and wants to share it with the other backers, so be it. What everyone does with this game once they have unlocked it is up to them. If you want to share it with others for free, go for it. 

Note: There will be a Creative Commons license attached with this game to allow you to share it for free but don’t you dare try to make any money off this work. 

Type: Roleplaying Simulation
Genre: Historical Crime Drama
 Powered by the Apocalypse
Number of Players: 2+ (with a GM)
Time To Play: 2 hours
Page Count: TBD

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