Killshot_DirectorsCover_mockup-V2While everyone’s trying to survive in the world, others remain hidden behind the scenes pulling their strings and getting off on watching others struggle to keep up with their machinations. They’re called Directors and if their job sounds appealing, you’re exactly what we’re looking for.

For every job, there are brokers, clients, marks, thugs, and nameless figures to represent, opposed dice rolls to make, and a plot to upkeep. As the Director, you are the master storyteller for Killshot. Your role is to challenge the assassins and engage the players; you are both friend and foe. How does that work? Nice try, buddy, but you’ll have to buy this book and find out.

Killshot‘s designed to provide players with an intense, immersive experience using the flexibility and rapid pace of the Optional System combined with the strategy and co-operation of a tactical war game. Players must devise a plan of action to get the job done right or find themselves starting at the rest of their lives behind bars. Every phase of the job bears equal importance and is not complete until the players have successfully made off without leaving any clues.

Direction is your source for everything behind the scenes on the job and you’ll be running blind without the stuff in here. Learn the purpose behind the game’s mechanics – including the crucial Evidence Points – build your own jobs, marks, and thugs, and pit your assassins against their first jobs with the Dead Can’t Testify trilogy.


Designer: The Warden
System: Optional System (OSRPG)
Page Count: 70
Features: Table of contents, bookmarks

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This product is available using the Creative Commons license.

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