Rule #1: Never take the job lightly.

Rule #2: There’s always another way.

Rule #3: Never get caught.

If there were any absolutes in the world of professional assassins, these are it. Any idiot can shoot someone in the back of the head, but a true professional makes it look like they’re the victim of a random drive-by shooting or sets up his wife to take the fall. A lot of people think they have what it takes and can kill for money, but it’s about more than that. Way more than that. If you want to make a career out of this business, you have to think six steps ahead and never assume that the homicide detective handling this case is a bumbling idiot. Oh, and be prepared to look over your shoulder for the rest of your life.

Still sound glamorous? It shouldn’t and if that doesn’t scare you off, maybe you are the ones we’re looking for to take on a few jobs. That’s what Killshot is all about: getting smart, cunning, and intelligence people with a knack of killing and avoiding suspicion taking care of problems for people with the right amount of cash. Hell, we’re so good at what we do that we even won an award for it.

Whether you want to be an assassin working as part of a Team (yep, it’s not like you see in the movies) or calling the shots as the Director, this award-winning tabletop RPG will give you everything needed to accept and complete jobs. How well you perform them is up to you and if you really fuck up, those Evidence Points collected at the end of every job will lead to your name on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. You can dive into the deep end and pick up the Director’s Cut to get everything you need to play and run jobs or start off with An Assassin’s Journal to give you the rules of the game and everything to build your own customized assassin then delve deeper into the criminal underworld with the expanded Killshot Files.

See anything you like? Click on the covers below and learn more about Killshot before someone slaps the cuffs on you.

KillshotDirCut_mock_v1   KillshotAssassin_mock_v1   Killshot_DirectorsCover_mockup-V2   KillShotFiles0_Cover_v1   KillShotFiles1_Cover_v1   KillShotFiles2_Cover_v2

3 thoughts on “Killshot

    • There was some plans back during Killshot’s initial release but something can be worked out. Not right away (we have a Kickstarter to launch this month) but it could be added to the schedule. Playing Killshot right now/soon?


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