The Deal

How much will you bet
to get your life back?

A Poker/Larp Game Available Now On Kickstarter

People do shady things. I’m not talking about from just time-to-time or done by the wrong sort of person, I mean all of them. All the time. Screwing over people for personal gain is kind of a thing we do. Animals too, don’t even get me started on that. People though, we’ve excelled at it, I think. Turned it into an industry, like kidnapping and blackmail. Blackmail especially is about as shady as it gets. You get some dirt on someone and they pay you a stupid amount of money to keep it hidden or else you expose them to the people they cherish the most. Family, co-workers, the public… whoever it takes to make them sweat that cash into your greedy hands. 

Some deals go wrong and that’s what this game is about. It’s all about the day a blackmailer decides to go for the big score and things take a turn. Maybe it all works out, maybe someone ends up dead. That’s why we’re using a game of poker to keep it all civil. It’s a simulation, an exercise in testing out your morality in the face of adversity. Or maybe it’s just a way to pretend you’re in a Tarantino movie. Either way, this is called The Deal, and here’s how you play.

The Deal is a live-action roleplaying game where four players take on the role of strangers gathered together for a high stakes game of poker. As they actually play poker, special cards known as Twists & Turns introduce plot twists as the strangers discover one of them is blackmailing the others. Nothing will remain the same when this game is done as the strangers discover some of the deepest, darkest secrets even their loved ones don’t know.

Available now on Kickstarter, The Deal will include a deck of poker-sized cards designed to slip into a regular poker deck during play and downloadable rules.

This game will include…

  • Complete rules to play downloadable right here at
  • A deck of at least 26 poker-sized cards designed to slip into a regular poker deck during play, including…
    • 4 character cards (The Suspicious Bastard, The Rising Star, The Desperate One, and the Blackmailer) providing an overview of your role in the game, your prop, your dominant scene, and your ultimate goal.
    • 4 scene cards providing an overview of the scene and which player can “prep the deck” and assign Twists & Turns cards in this scene.
    • 4-6 Twists & Turns cards per scene to create questions, ideas, accusations, and plot hooks during the game, each of them designed to be played by any character.
    • A basic summary card listing what all the players know at the very beginning of the game.
    • A special Pause card to stop play.
  • The overall size of the game will be based on the Kickstarter – the more money we raise, the more Twists & Turns and characters we can add for more variety every time you play!

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