Coming Attractions: ScreenPlay’s Print On Demand Cover Preview

What the…?!! Has it really been a month since the last hint of life from BRG? Rest assured, everything is moving full steam ahead on both ScreenPlay and Ironbound with layout now complete and off for proofing with the former and layout beginning on the latter. Stay tuned for page previews in the near future. Speaking of previews, how about a look at the working file for the ScreenPlay POD cover?

A working file screenshot of the ScreenPlay core rulebook print-on-demand cover. Artwork by Jeff Brown, Storn Cook, and Shaman’s Stockart.

The wheels continue to spin and this co-op storytelling game is currently on track for release in May 2016. What the…?!! That’s next month. Well, gotta run. These games don’t just make themselves, ya know.

Update (Monday, April 25th): Layout’s never done until the printer gets the file and seeing as that hasn’t happened yet, here’s an updatier version of the POD cover.

Screenshot 2016-04-25 06.19.01
This one converts the three full-colour images on the back cover and places them inside a strip of film (to match the interior pages) plus the text has been shortened and space left at the top for a review quote from either one of the Rehearsal Edition playtesters or a new review (if one arrives in a timely fashion). 

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