Sneaking Behind the Curtain: ScreenPlay’s Cover Revealed

ScreenPlay's cover revealed!A cover can make or break a project, or it can bring it to the attention of those who would otherwise keep their head turned in the other direction. So when I contacted digital artist, Jeff Brown, in regards to creating a cover for our next project, ScreenPlay, there was a serious question to consider: what one image can turn heads for this upcoming story RPG? It didn’t take long to learn the answer: we needed to show many possibilities.

Roleplaying game covers tend to share common visual similarities and that’s especially true with universal systems like ScreenPlay. When your game can provide for a variety of genres, settings, time periods, and more, you tend to see things like individual images in thought bubbles or separated ideas brought together around a group of highly charged player characters… these were all things I wanted to avoid, yet also wanted to invoke. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, right? Jeff’s specialty is environmental/landscape art and the reason why I chose him was because this cover needed to showcase where these future stories could take place, not theorize who was going to feature in them. What we devised, I think, mashes all those ideas and possibilities together into a cover that I’m damn proud to slap a BRG logo on. A endless universe of danger, intrigue, and excitement existing in one place at one time as a group of Writers and their Director decide which story to tell. It’s a cover that’s already started turning heads, based on the result I’ve seen on my personal G+ account too. If it does the same for you, click here or on the cover image to the right and proceed to see what this upcoming mindblower is all about.