Preview: The Oath of the Ironbound

Ironbound_cover_7x10_March2016_preview3Your chance to tell the legend of the Ironbound is just a week away as Phase 1 of the ScreenPlay launch is underway. That means it’s time to start offering a preview for this special preview of our new co-operative storytelling RPG.

Click here to download an 11-page PDF preview of Ironbound‘s second chapter, The Oath of the Ironbound. Containing full details of the five lead roles, secondary roles, guidelines of using spells and rituals, and two supporting characters, this free preview offers up a glimpse of the finished product. Not enough for you to start playing yet, of course. You’ll need to pick up Ironbound starting May 16th to do that. Sneaky, isn’t it?

You can learn more about this product by visiting our Ironbound page and you can learn more about ScreenPlay (releasing May 30th) here.

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