Welcome to Broken Ruler Games!

BrokenRuler_logo_websiteheader_Jan2015It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the Broken Ruler Games website. Or if you’ve been a fan of BRG before today, welcome to the new and improved site with a swanky new domain name and content.

Before I go into a quick presentation of where you can find everything you need to know on Killshot (especially where to buy your copy) and get a handle on what’s coming up next from the Ruler (ahem! ScreenPlay!), there’s one individual in particular who must be thanked for making this happen. That’s not to say there isn’t an army of people to thank for making the Ruler what it is at this very moment, including the likes of my Development Teams past and present, our fans, customers, and every tabletop gamer out there who has played our work. Without all of you, the doors would have been closed a long time ago, but this one individual in particular literally helped bring this studio back from the dead. And that individual is Aaron Huss, President of Mystical Throne Entertainment.

A couple of months back, I announcement the end of the Ruler across all our social media. Within hours, Aaron sent off an email with an offer: make Broken Ruler Games a development studio under the Mystical Throne banner and I could continue to do the work I loved while he would take care of all the logistical aspects of publishing and marketing. I’ve been working with Aaron for close to three years now (including the second edition of MTE’s Mercenary Breed and the long-running Under The Hood column on Roleplayers Chronicle) and his hard work has helped make MTE a very successful indie RPG publisher, so my answer was a very quick and eager, “Yes!” This new arrangement has given me new vigour and motivation to proceed with everything I had intended for the Ruler without getting bogged down with the necessary burdens of publishing and production management. So if you see anything you like from this day forward, it’s all thanks to Aaron Huss.

But enough with these pleasantries, it’s time to let you check out the new site. You can start by learning more about Broken Ruler Games (which we call “the Ruler” for simplicity’s sake and that essential coolness factor) on the About page. Then jump over to our assembly of Killshot pages to learn all about the ENnie Award winning assassin RPG before seeing what’s in store next with High Plains Samurai (an upcoming B&W/wushu hybrid RPG) and ScreenPlay (the system behind the Samurai and an upcoming improvised standalone roleplaying game). Finally, you can learn about our next phase of the Optional System and the hushed and deadly work of rogue operatives… oh, but I may have said too much already. That one will have to wait for another time.

From there, you can also find us across the social media spectrum and stay up-to-date on our various machinations. Follow us on Facebook, join in on Google+, and read all about it on Twitter. Of course, there’s always good ol’ fashioned email where you can reach me personally at optionalwarden@gmail.com.

Now let’s start making a future together, shall we?

The Warden
President/Lead Designer, Broken Ruler Games

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