Catch A Sneak Peak of ScreenPlay at the Capital Gaming Expo

CGX-weblogo1Think of this as an advanced screening of a little game we call ScreenPlay: The Rehearsal Edition taking place October 3rd from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the newly renovated Capital Gaming Expo. Not only will this be an opportunity for anyone in the Ottawa area to try out this storytelling RPG of true democratic storytelling (the only kind of storytelling, am I right?), but it will also be the premiere of the first treatment (AKA adventure) for ScreenPlay entitled “Ironbound: The Curse of the Scarab Witch.” Details from the CGE site below.

For over a century, the Ironbound has sworn allegiance to punish all those who would practice the dark craft of magick, be they summoner, conjurer, or anything in between. Every member of this esteemed order have taken the vow to study all there is to know of their opponents while never applying theory to practice, utilizing the forbidden knowledge of spells and rituals to bring about their defeat and pass judgement for the security of the Kingdom. Will you answer the call of the Ironbound?

This will be the premiere playtest launch for a new story RPG system scheduled for release in 2016 by Broken Ruler Games and we’re looking for imaginative players to take on the role of Writers working with the Director to help craft the story of a single squadron dispatched to rescue a lost child abducted by the Scarab Witch. What makes this game unique is that you will not simply react to the predetermined events, you will actively shape the world and tell the story together using the ScreenPlay system. In addition to having a great time, you’ll also receive alpha-level playtester credit and a PDF copy of the finished product upon this game’s release slated for sometime in 2016.

As a special incentive, here are JPEG previews of the character notes and roles you’ll be using when you sign up to play. And if you’re unable to join due to geography, you can still look at them and get ready to try it out for yourself when the Rehearsal Edition drops October 20th.


ScreenPlay_Ironbound_shieldbearer ScreenPlay_Ironbound_scout ScreenPlay_Ironbound_commander ScreenPlay_Ironbound_blade ScreenPlay_Ironbound_arcanist

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