Killshot Signs Up With the Bundle of Holding Gang

KillShot-Logo_v1Does the idea of playing a hard boiled detective in 1930 Los Angeles intrigue you? Maybe you’re looking to start a new campaign in tribute to black-and-white noir films? Well, you’re in luck because if you like Killshot, there’s a new way to drop some crime onto your table.

Broken Ruler Games is proud to partner with the popular and noble Bundle of Holding site to provide the Deadly Games bundle. For as little as $5.95 US, you can get four crime/film noir inspired indie games and if you cough up as little as $10, you can get a copy of Killshot: The Director’s Cut to go with it. A portion of the sales will go towards Reading Is Fundamental and it’s a great way to feel like you’ve hijacked a truck full of premium goods without actually hijacking a truck.

But like any great heist, you’re running out of time. This bundle expires on June 23rd, so grab a welding torch and crack open that bundle to help out a great cause.

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