Wanted: Writers Needed For WGRG: The Zine

After a successful Kickstarter to launch our first quarterly zine, The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game: The Zine, it’s time to put some words on the screen.

The World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game: The Zine is our upcoming zine providing indie game ideas for the 5th edition of the world’s most popular RPG.

Say, are you an experienced 5e player/DM/designer that also likes to play indie games? Do you have some ideas for merging indie game mechanics and principles into the fifth edition of the world’s most popular RPG? And do you have five minutes to share your idea(s) with us?

If you’ve said yes to all three of these questions, you’re just the person we’re looking for. Simply go to our WGRG: The Zine page and click on the submission link at the top. While we’re already in the middle of writing our first issue, we’ve unlocked enough content that requires some new and unique voices from both the 5e and indie game space. No idea is too weird, no submission invalid. And we pay $0.10 CAD per word (or approximately $0.08 USD). If we like what we see and you can prove in your submission that you know how to make it all click, come and join the WGRG team today.