A War Game To Write Home About…

By The General's HandWhat do generals tell their families back home about the atrocities of war? What fears and bravado do they share with their spouses, children, friends from childhood? What truths lie behind the fog of war?

Our second Fragments mini-game, By The General’s Hand, is now available on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. Inspired by an episode of the Gaming & BS podcast, this is a 2-player game about a fictional war played out using handwritten letters sent home to loved ones. Each letter contains an update on how the war is progressing with dice rolls used to determine either side’s victories, defeats, and setbacks encoded within the letters. Players are encouraged to handwrite their letters and reveal the impact of war on these dedicated soldiers and the worlds they affect as they answer questions with each corresponding letter.

It’s only $1.50 USD for a PDF of By The General’s Hand and we’d love to hear the results of your wars. A great game to play between other games to help pass the time with a tactile approach to war simulations.

2 thoughts on “A War Game To Write Home About…

  1. Hi there, just got the game from drive thru and it doesn’t seem to explain how tactics effect dice? Can you help clarify? It looks like tactics should impact the dice in some way, but I don’t see anything written about it in “the dice” section… help?


    • Serious apologies, nickarrow. Just went through the PDF and we completely missed the paragraph explaining what happens to tactics. I’ve provided it below and will get it back into the final rules ASAP. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

      “A general can sacrifice one of their tactics to avoid taking a setback. If this difficult decision is made, the general can longer use that tactic to describe how they are applied in the war effort. For example, a general could sacrifice their Long Range Missiles tactic and lose that narrative ability to attack their enemies from across great distances. Each tactic can only be sacrificed once per war and they cannot be regained during this war.”

      Looking at the rules as a whole, I’m going to add a little more detail to what tactics actually do in the game. That would also help explain the mechanical significance of tactics. They are purely a narrative hook, a devise used by both general to explain how they are conducting war. When these updates are made, you’ll receive a notification from DriveThruRPG and I’ll be sure to post something here. Once again, our apologies for this error.


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