Launching February 2018

Two warriors enter. Only one will survive.

DUEL_cover_preview1When you stand in the Arena looking across to your opponent, it does not matter why you are here. Perhaps you are there to settle a dispute and defend your honour, or you are a criminal facing a harsh sentence at the hands of the kingdom’s greater warrior, or it simply comes down to a gladiatorial battle to entertain the crowd. As you stand there with sword and shield in hand, it does not matter why you are there. It is time to fight.

Duel is the first of an ongoing series of short, 2-player games from Broken Ruler Games. Using Fate/Fudge dice, both players take on the role of opposing warriors in a fight to the death. Each duel begins with a random Arena, character traits, and other options determined by the dice before diving head first into combat. Roll your 4 dice at the start of each round to determine how many attacks, blocks, and additional options are at your disposal as you use wits, skill, and sheer luck to stay alive for one more day. A quick-and-simple combat game that needs only 10-15 minutes of your time or perfect for playing a free-for-all marathon as both player slice there way through warriors until time expires.

An upcoming 2-Player combat game by Todd Crapper