The Many Adventures of Patty and Fritz

Have you heard the stories about Patty & Fritz?

The criminals in this city are running scared. Ever since Johnny B was found unconscious in a pool of ketchup and the McDonalds Gang fell into that vat of cooking grease, everyone’s been looking over their shoulders. Someone’s coming for them and it ain’t the cops. Lots of rumours are swirling around about these two new crimefighters out there & it’s hard to believe all of them. But one just keeps coming back around. Even the local newspapers have a story of page 7 claiming to have the secret sauce behind it all. Whispers of a half-eaten burger and a plate of fries fighting crime who couldn’t sit back and let this city rot. Lots of powerful people in the underworld laughed it off and then they found themselves in a pickle, facing some serious time in jail, and their goons left to burn for twenty years in the slammer.

Maybe these stories are true…

The Many Adventures of Patty & Fritz is a GM-less story game where players share rumours they’ve heard about a pair of mysterious crimefighters – a half-eaten burger and a plate of french fries. After creating the overall plot for their story, the players will take turns randomly choosing characters in the story and sharing what they heard about what that character did at that moment. During the game, other players can challenge their rendition of the story with an alternate rumour and everyone can vote to determine which version of the “truth” they want to use.

So how does an inanimate half-eaten burger and fries stop crime? Aren’t they the ones who stopped the Crimeone family’s rule over the harbour front? What else would explain the salt left at every crime scene? Is it true Patty is actually a vegan burger? These are the kinds of questions you’ll ask when you play The Many Adventures of Patty & Fritz. Think of this game as a cross between Adult Swim cartoons and movies like Rubber and Free Fire. Pretty obscure, right? That’s the point.

You can download Version 1.01 of this upcoming story game from our Broken Design Patreon page.

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