What if you can’t control your powers…?

A Tabletop RPG about Overpowered Supers Learning to Control their Powers

People have had superpowers for decades. Lots of them are minor ones, like mild psychic abilities and premonitions. Others can lift a building or fly at the speed of light. Those with grand powers became heroes while the rest of us go on with our ordinary lives. Having powers has become so common that parents hold superpower reveal parties for their kids. We embraced these as divine gifts that would bring the world to a new level of civilization. 

Ten years ago, it all changed for the worse. It was only a matter of time, when you think about it. We were brash, trusting. Ignorant, no doubt about that. Whatever we were thinking at the time, it never dawned on us that these supers flying around, smashing through brick walls, and stopping alien invasions would eventually get out of hand. The more supers appeared in the world, the more unique their powers became. They became dangerous. Really dangerous. 

Then came the Void. On that day, some kid lost control of their power and it turned out they could create black holes. With just a sneeze, he created a black hole the size of twelve city blocks in the middle of Pittsburgh and it grew bigger by the minute. A lot of people died that day, supers too. Wiped out all of Pittsburgh before the very best of us made the ultimate sacrifice. Only Supreme could withstand the sheer destructive force of that Void long enough to reach the kid inside. When he did, the black hole collapsed and took them both with it. 

Now we have the Pandora Initiative, an internationally-backed law requiring all supers to receive mandatory training at facilities around the world. Some of these are schools. Some of these are prisons. Some supers get picked up in a van and are never seen again. No one’s taking chances any more and being a super just got a whole lot more complicated.

Pandora, an overpowered supers RPG available now on our Broken Designs Patreon page.

In Pandora, you play someone who has recently discovered their powers and has been sent to a Pandora training facility. There, you must learn to control your incredibly dangerous power along with other students as a rising threat grows at the facility, forcing you to use your powers before you are truly ready to control them. Form bonds with your fellow supers, learn from your mistakes, and create havoc in a unique system that places the supers in difficult situations of their own making.  

Would you like to playtest Pandora? Support us on Patreon for exclusive access to this and other upcoming BRG projects.

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