Dinosaur Project

What if the dinosaurs never went extinct?

A Family-Friendly Game of Learning and Imagination (Coming Soon to Kickstarter)

The asteroid never came. Dinosaurs thrived for millions of years longer than in real life, keeping mammals at bay for generations so that humans were never born. In time, dinosaurs evolved into intelligent and peaceful scientists. What we call Earth, they call Pangea, home of the dinosaur cities filled with universities, libraries, museums, and so much more. Using advanced technology, they have created a time machine capable of sending a small team of scientists into the ancient past and returning them to the future to report their findings. It is called the Dinosaur Project

Designed for players as young as 6-years old, Dinosaur Project is a tabletop educational roleplaying game where everyone learns about these prehistoric creatures from a scientific point-of-view. Each adventure will reveal new and wondrous discoveries depicting the daily lives, habitats, and habits of the ancient dinosaurs. Along the way, the scientists will learn more about their own features to gain a better understanding of their traditions and become in touch with their ancestors. 

Cover for The Dinosaur Project: The Gobi Expedition, our upcoming free public playtest version of the full game.

In Dinosaur Project, you will play the best and brightest dinosaur scientists from Mesozoic University in the futuristic city of Opia. Not a person who studies dinosuars, oh no. You’ll be a dinosaur. Who’s also a scientist. Travelling back in time to study ancient dinosaurs. Everything you will discover about dinosaurs is based on the research of real life paleontologists from around the world using actual fossil discoveries. In addition to creating a fun experience, Dinosaur Project is about teaching everyone – kids and adults – something new about these legendary creatures from the past. It’s about making learning fun. (Shh, don’t tell anyone.) 

Each game you play (called an expedition) is an opportunity to investigate the world of the dinosaurs with your imagination and problem solving using a simplified version of the GUMSHOE system created by Robin D. Laws and published by Pelegrane Press. You’ll be part of a team, so you’ll be playing with friends and family. One of them will be the Guide, someone who will host the game and facilitate the rules, present the world of the dinosaurs to the players, and answer any questions they have. Together, you’ll make discoveries using your features, skills, and tools in order to report back your findings. 

We are currently working on a public playtest version of this game. Dinosaur Project: The Gobi Expedition will contain a print-and-play version of the game with optional “paperless” rules. Until September 30, 2019, we will be accepting feedback on your family’s experiences playing this game that we will use to improve the final version. Afterwards, we will be launching this project on Kickstarter to fund a Dinosaur Project boxed set containing a rulebook, Expedition Guidebook featuring 10 complete expeditions, dinosaur and scientist cards you can combine into a variety of unique character combinations, icons, and more. This Kickstarter is currently planned for December 2019 but remains subject to change.

To learn more about our progress, search for #DinosaurProject on Twitter.

The Dinosaur Project logo

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