Create new realities…
just try not to break them.

A Powered by the Apocalypse Game of Extradimensional Travellers Trying To Save Reality Without Breaking It

There are numerous realities interwoven into the fabric of Life, each of them separate dimensions acting independent of the other. They were never meant to interact, yet a minuscule number of sentient creatures have discovered the path to travel from one dimension to another and interact with those who call these worlds home. What began as a curious experiment has opened up Pandora’s box as the very nature of each dimension views these travelers – known as shifters – as a threat to its very well-being and will take drastic measures to ensure its survival. 

Dimensions: A PbtA Game of Interdimensional Travellers Trying Not To Break Reality

Once on another dimension, shifters can alter the reality around them to absorb knowledge, alter results, change their physical space, and introduce new elements not originally from these worlds. These changes are incredibly powerful and extremely dangerous. Their very arrival is what powers their extra-dimensional abilities and creates ripples within a dimension that threatens to collapse the dimension. Too many alterations and the dimension will be forced to take drastic measures to protect itself, much like a host fighting a virus. Yet there is no map detailing how a shifter can return home and restore balance to the delicate nature of multiple dimensions. So they struggle to adapt and find a way to restore order to their new dimensions before they and the connections they’ve built on their travels are wiped from existence. 

While only a few intelligent beings have accidentally found themselves transported to other dimensions, there is one who seeks to bend them all to their will and create a single reality of their design. This individual is known only as the Singularity and only shifters can stop them before they control all of Existence. 

Dimensions is an upcoming Powered by the Apocalypse tabletop roleplaying game about unique people who can shift into other realities and bend them to suit their will… but such power comes with a terrible price.

Would you like to playtest Dimensions? Support us on Patreon for exclusive access to this and other upcoming BRG projects.

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