In The Works

Since the formation of Broken Ruler Games in 2012, we’ve gone from being a solo operation to a growing publisher in tabletop games. That means we have numerous projects in various stages of development – some of them start of as bright flames but fizzle out over time, while others flourish and some grow into a blazing inferno that will consume us all!

These are the games you can expect to see from us in the near future. In The Works highlights up-and-coming projects from BRG that will be coming soon to a Kickstarter near you, straight to retail, or on our Broken Designs Patreon.

Click on the logos below to get a preview.

Dinosaur Project: The Gobi Expedition (coming soon)
Dimensions: A PbtA Game of Interdimensional Travellers Trying Not To Break Reality is available on our Broken Designs Patreon.
Broken Designs Patreon: Discover upcoming projects & earn playtest points

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