Playtest Points

hps_rehearsalcover_7x10_v1p1_webIn the Fall of 2015, we tried something with our ScreenPlay system combining the rewards of a crowdfunding campaign with a public playtest campaign and the results were very effective. ScreenPlay: The Rehearsal Edition not only helped get that product off the ground and soar to the #2 position on RPGNow during its first week, but it also lead to an ENnie nomination for Best Free Product that year. Seems only fair we try it again.

High Plains Samurai: The Rehearsal Edition is a 10-week public playtest campaign supporting our upcoming action-packed wire-fu game of… well, everything we could think of. While the rules have been vigorously tested over the course of nearly four years of development, there’s always room for improvement and we have a loftier goal this time.

Inside the original version of High Plains Samurai: The Rehearsal Edition and additional updates taking place from now until May 14, 2017, you’ll find three types of online surveys using Google Forms: one for anyone who has read through this version without playing, another for anyone who has played as a Writer, and the last for anyone who has played as a Director. Completing these forms provides you with playtest points to track the level at which you contribute to the betterment of the game. Plus you can earn bonus playtest points for sharing links on social media to help us find others looking to lock this game down.

While the details found below are the same as those found in every version of the Rehearsal Edition, they’re provided below as a preview for anyone considering taking that next step. If you have any question, comment below or go to our ScreenPlayers Guild on G+ and see what the fuss is about.

To download the latest version of this playtest, go to the High Plains Samurai page. 


Playtest Point Awards

Here’s how the points are assigned based on individual versions of the Rehearsal Edition. Each survey will provide you with a set number of points accumulated during the 16-week release period of the Rehearsal Edition, plus you can earn additional points by sharing this game on your Facebook page, post a review on your blog, share your lead character with us, and more.


Playtest Points Awarded


You will receive 1 playtest point whenever you post any number of links or updates to any or all of your social media about the latest version of the Rehearsal Edition OR when you post a review on your blog or website. To receive these points, use the #HighPlainsSamurai or #SaveTheOneLand on social media and/or send a link to You can also receive a bonus playtest point when you challenge Chaos to a fight @BrokenRuler on Twitter.


You will receive 1 playtest point whenever you complete one Reader Survey per version released.


You will receive 2 playtest points whenever you complete one Writer’s Survey per version released. This level is for anyone who has taken on the role of a Writer to create a lead character and others for the purpose of completing a story. Plus receive 1 bonus playtest point whenever you share your completed lead character with us.


You will receive 3 playtest points whenever you complete one Director’s Survey per version released. This level is for anyone who has taken on the role of the Director and guided a group of Writers into telling a new story or using an existing playtesting treatment. Plus receive 1 bonus playtest point for directing an original story.

Individual Rewards

When this playtesting period is complete, we’ll tally up the points and offer the following benefits. Some of them will arrive on ScreenPlay’s official launch date, some shortly after (based on printing needs and output issues), or during the course of the playtesting itself.

Individual Playtest Points



Extra: Your name will be listed in the credits as as Extra in the finished product.


Qi Warrior: You have proven yourself an honourable warrior capable of great deeds and have learned to tap into your qi. As such, you shall be treated as a backer of the High Plains Samurai Kickstarter campaign… without ever having to back the project. This means you will receive a PDF copy of the finished product (scheduled for 2018). You will be also be provided with a discount code to purchase an exclusive softcover print-on-demand (POD) version of the final version of this Rehearsal Edition at cost (not including shipping). This option will only be available to Qi Warriors from this Rehearsal Edition campaign and will be made available in Summer 2017.

Special! Top 3 Playtesters Only

At the end of the Rehearsal Edition playtest, the 3 playtesters with the most playtest points will receive an offset print hardcover edition of High Plains Samurai’s final product signed by Todd Crapper (should the Kickstarter campaign succeed).






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